A regular program of testing and tagging comprises:

  • A visual check to ensure no visually identifiable problems
  • A series of electrical tests to ensure the safety of the item
  • Tagging of the equipment to indicate to users that the item has been identified as safe in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010 and when the item is due to be tested again
  • Provision of a Detailed Report

It is certainly a wise decision to ensure that work is carried out by competent and qualified technicians. They should be equipped with quality testing instruments and backed by a comprehensive data record keeping system. It is not only a critical aspect of compliance; it is a wise commercial investment.

Primecorp Test & Tag is certainly capable of not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. All of our technicians undergo stringent training and need to adhere to strict company guidelines. We utilise state of the art equipment.

Our equipment generates computerised tags that are attached with an adhesive label making them extremely durable. They are waterproof, have a printed date of completion, next due test date, barcode and the technician code to identify the person that completed the test.

Our reporting proves that the correct testing has been completed.

We will provide you with a personalised report produced directly from the data system. This shows the results of all items that have been tested. The report includes the make, model and serial number (when available) of each piece of equipment tested. This reference can then be used as an “Asset Register”.

The log book information is your evidence of compliance. It is a tangible document to show staff when they complete their routine visits. Your report could also be used as evidence in the event of litigation to support the duty of care that you have exercised.

If you need your electrical leads tested and tagged by a trained technician, then please contact us on the telephone or email admin@primecorp.com.au